Bestil husrens / Ghostbusting (UK)

Please text og call me for ghostbusting.
- via mobile number 41850208
Or use the contact page.

Ghostbusting is about removing ghosts and other energies that live in your house that you would like to be rid of.
Please read article in the Copenhagen Post about ghostbuster Juri.
Typically your experiences are due to real ghosts, that is, deceased who haven't gone to heaven and instead hang out in your home. Most of us do go into the light when we die but some may or will not leave, because they are confused or shocked or sad when they pass away.
Ghosts behave the same way as the did when they were alive - so caring ghosts were also kind as living persons and violent and egoistic peple tend to end up as be mean, frustrated ghosts. What all ghosts have in common is that deep down they're sad and tired. 
When we guide ghosts to sense their heart they too remember a longing to go home into the light. When that happens, and the deceased does leave, it's it's a very beautiful and liberating moment. Thereafter, a sense of calm lands permeates your home and the energy, mood and health imbalances that come from the ghosts disappear.
In addition to ghosts there are, believe it or not, trolls, goblins, energy phenomena and and parallel worlds that can cross into our lives and lead to disturbances. Fortunately, there are also angels, guides, and deceased family members who can help.
This is how it works:

1 You contact us via text or phone 41850208.

2 We call you back and talk about what you are experiencing. The conversation also gives us a clairvoyant impression of your "guest" or guests.

3 We set a time to visit to you, typically within a few days.

4 The visit takes one and a half hours, and is normally a quite affair (so children and delicate ones can easily be home: o). After an initial cup of coffee, which is also to win time so the "guest" can get to know us a little, we tour the rooms and halls of your home until we get an intimate contact with the deceased.

5 When it's time we will send the deceased away ...

6 ... and we then clean the home energetically. To clean means that we change the mood of the house, so that remains of the deceased's energy are dusted away and replaces with airy, fresh and soothing qualities. We might also call and angle or to to stay on for a while.

7 The last part of our visit we use to tell you what we have experienced, who deceased was og were and why he or she had stayed in this dimension.

8 A week after the visit we call to follow up. Once in a (very seldom) while it's necessary for us to visit again. This second visit is of no charge.
The price is DKK 800, all included.

We will solve your needs within a week.

We help clients in Copenhagen and throughout Zealand.

Benedikte, Heidi and I
When I say "we" it's because I usually work together with one or two very  capable female colleagues. It is our experience that, as in the world of living, some deceased prefer talking with women and others with men.
Terms of payment
Payment via MobilePay or cash when we visit. Please cancel no later than the morning of the visit.
Please text og call me for ghostbusting.
- via mobile number 41850208
Or use the contact page.
Juri Christensen | Roskilde  | Tlf.: 41850208